Here’s why you should be keeping your website’s blog updated

The word blog can bring up images of teenagers pouring their heart out over the internet to imaginary audiences. Because of this perception, among other reasons, business owners may see keeping a company “blog” as a mostly worthless pursuit.

What they may not know though is that, when done right, these blogs on the websites of organizations, businesses and schools do a lot of important work in exposing them to the right people.

1. It is a constant, “organic” presence
While it is not as aggressive as other forms of marketing, having content online can have a larger impact in the long term as people search for the information you’re providing.

2. Online content is relatively inexpensive
Compared to other marketing content, having the blog on your website regularly updated does not have to cost you big. A Raleigh writing service (like First Page Creative) can keep it going with little hassle or cost.

3. Google scores improve by updating more frequently
If your website hasn’t been updated in a while, Google is likely penalizing you, and it’s making you show up lower in the results. A quick fix is to use the blog to improve your update frequency.

4. Improve your “authority” score
Another thing Google judges a site on is their “authority” level. If you are writing content that is very useful to people in your area, you’ll likely begin to accumulate some links back to your site. These links, especially if they’re from respected companies and organizations, will improve your authority score.

5. Measure what messages work best on your customers
Blogs are useful as a tool to see what is getting the most buzz. If you are a music venue and you have a huge response to an article about one band and next to nothing on another band that could be valuable information to know.

Having fresh, relevant online content is just one part of the search engine optimization, or “SEO,” process, but it is a vital one. If your website is already well-designed that doesn’t mean you can sit back and think the job is done.

Raleigh area businesses and organizations can improve in search results simply by updating their website with quality content. First Page Creative is a local expert in writing online content and would be happy to discuss how we can help. Call David Larson at 703-408-6763 for more information.


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