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Hosting has a lot to do with how your site ranks. Speed, site quality, and what type of environment your site is in all are taken into account.

Did you know that when you create a website, it doesn’t really live in “the cloud?” There is a computer server out there that actually holds that data. Unless you actively choose where to host your site, it’s assigned more randomly and you don’t really know what environment it lives in. It could be stored in an Estonian data center with Russian hackers sites, dirty video sites, and sites full of spam marketing schemes.

Maybe this wouldn’t be a huge deal to you in theory, but search engines actually take into account the environment your site lives in. Think of it like guilt by association and your website might live in a tough neighborhood. First Page Creative has local, honest Northern Virginian small businesses as clients, not Russian hackers. We have a neighborhood for your business to live that is respectable. Think of it like a little cul-de-sac in a gated community, and it will help your search ratings to move out of that old run-down place.